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My name is Gwladys Jousselme and I am a holistic therapist for women and children.

I specialize in the traumas related to motherhood (to name a few : loss of baby, traumatic birth experience, sterility). I created the program “Moonlight in the night” for women who experienced baby loss through abortion ( my plan is to extend this program to baby loss through miscarriage and stillbirth).

When I was 5 y.o. my older sister had her first epileptic seizure. I have been deeply affected by it and I think I have been looking all my life for ways to deal with the impact her disease and autism had on me along with other traumatic events. As a result I have been training in Energy healing, psychogenealogy, family constellation, astrology, shamanism, holistic preparation for childbirth and postpartum. I specialize in grief, trauma and women’s mysteries. In my first life I got a PhD in Russian studies and museology. I am the mother of 3 wonderful little boys!!!

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Have a nice journey through the website and I am looking forward to meeting you!